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Brotherly Love

Unbreakable Love

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Hello, there;

This community is mostly dedicated to the brotherly love of Edward and Alphonse Elric, but is open to the discussion of all sibling, relative, or friendships that have a strong bond of love. No incest, no shounen-ai, no yoai/yuri, or slash.

So, that everyone can feel comfortable just a few rules:

1. No hentai which includes the stuff above.
2. No fighting. (but attacking people with rabid monkey-squirrels is okay)
3. No excessive use of profanity e.g. no use of the imfamous "F" word allowed or anything that would need a parental advisory sticker.
4. Nothing illegal or that breaks LJ terms of use.

and one more just because;

5. Have fun. ^_^